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Personal Experience of Blackburn Self Storage

I would like to say how grateful I am to the staff of Blackburn Self Storage container rentals, for their help recently when we were moving home. Without the Safe Self Storage facility we would have had a real problem.

Our story begins with the fact that my husband and partner had decided we should not only move home but also combine our office and working life into the new house we would buy. This would mean that we would have no travelling to work each day and cut our business overheads to a minimum. Simple you would think but it turned out to be not that straightforward.

We found a wonderful house on the outskirts of Blackburn with plenty of land and loads of space for parking, a price was agreed and the sale of our old house was already going ahead. The lease on our office was up so all that remained was to start packing and arranging the actual removal of home and business.

The completion on our old house was due a month before the completion on our new home and we had arranged to stay with my parents in the meantime and decided to put our furniture into storage at the Blackburn Self Storage container rental site. We had a little more time to run on the lease of our business premises but decided to start packing up the office archives and non everyday stuff to make things easier for ourselves when the time came.

It was really easy just packing up as we had the inclination and energy and taking things bit by bit to the 20’container we had rented. The fact that we were given a security swipe fob so that we could access the storage site any time of the day or night made the process of storing our belongings so much more convenient and easy. We decided that we could fit stuff belonging to the house into one container, but we would need a little bit more space to store the office equipment, so we rented one of the smaller 8’ containers as well. How lucky were we that we had the flexibility to have that little bit extra secure storage space.

Every spare evening and weekend we packed up a bit more, so by the time the removal should have been getting closer we were almost done. The removal company had said it was no trouble (in fact a lot more convenient) to pick up from the Blackburn Self Storage site when the time came to move in. The site is monitored 24/7 by security cameras so I felt perfectly safe going there on my own and I knew my belongings were safe as we had the only keys to the concealed locks on the containers. The additional peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is a security barrier to the site so that only the people who should be driving on to the site can do so, made me feel even more secure.

The sale of our old house went thru without a hitch, we took a break from our business and moved in temporarily with mum and dad. All that remained was to complete on our new home. That’s when disaster struck.

Firstly the vendors of the house we were buying had a major problem with the retirement apartment they were buying. It wasn’t quite finished and their builder had had to go into liquidation. Our solicitor assured us that a property developer who would finish the building work was lined up to buy the site from the receivers of the builder’s but this would delay our vendors completion on their new property which would in turn delay completion on our new home and office. We were now without a home of our own and had nowhere to conduct our business from. So Blackburn Self Storage came in useful again because Dad had a garden shed which had electricity but housed his hardly used model making equipment, if we could find a temporary home for that we could use it as an office. We packed up Dad’s stuff and rented yet another small container. The people at Blackburn Self Storage were great as when we first went there it was for one 20’ container for a month, then we added an 8’ container, which by now had stretched to three months with yet another 8’ container for my Dad’s stuff added to the requirements. The flexibility and peace of mind we got from knowing our belongings at least were being stored safely and we were able to add capacity as and when needed took a big load off our minds.

We conducted our business from the shed for twelve weeks and my long suffering parents put up with us till the completion of our new home finally went thru. Unfortunately on the day we were moving into our home with the removal men taking the less fragile items, Paul my husband and business partner was taken into hospital with severe chest pains. He was adamant that some of the more sensitive files which were being stored in our container were not to be touched by the removal people but must be moved by ourselves. All I could do was ask the people at Blackburn Self Storage if we could keep one of the small containers on for a few weeks more and keep these sensitive documents locked up for a while longer as I couldn’t move them myself and I had promised Paul nobody else would touch them. Fortunately Blackburn Self Storage had some new containers arriving on their site as they have really extended their capacity, so I was able to rent the container for the extra time. Yet again Blackburn Self Storage gave me one less thing to worry about.

Paul had to have a stent put into an artery leading into his heart but a few months down the line now and he is fit and well. We collected the documents he was keen to keep safe from prying eyes and finally we are now in our new home and office.

My parents, well my mum really, liked having the space in the shed cleared out so much, that they decided to keep on the 8’ storage container at Blackburn Self Storage and trade from it at the Sunday Car Boot Sale which is held each week on the storage site. People from all over the North West come to the site to either buy or sell and the people at Blackburn Self Storage allow the clients renting the containers to open them up on a Sunday morning to trade from, at no extra cost. In fact Mum and Dad now have an enjoyable and financially rewarding hobby they can both share by doing the Rossendale Car Boot Sales each week on the Blackburn Self Storage site. Mum has made some lovely new friends there, Dad pops into the open licensed bar in the indoor market section towards lunchtime, for a half (or two) and they both have a really good day.

I can honestly say that Blackburn Self Storage is one of the best facilities I have ever come across; it certainly made our lives a lot easier and less stressful and has given my parents a new lease of life.

Thank you to all the staff at blackburn Self Storage and Rossendale Car Boot Sale for all your help and support I will most definitely recommend your facilities.


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